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PRP Centrifuges

We supply variable speed, swinging bucket centrifuges that are especially suited for PRP preparation. Our centrifuges allow clinics to prepare highly concentrated platelet rich plasma, ideal for rejuvenative procedures. Learn More >>

PRP Kits

We are an authorized U.S. distributor of the industry leading PurePRP II Kit manufactured by EmCyte. These double-spin PRP kits have demonstrated 80% platelet recovery rates in third party testing – a rate higher than all 5 other kits tested! EmCyte’s PurePRP II Kits allow clinicians to easily offer effective PRP injections to patients. Learn More >>

PRP Training

We offer online and in-clinic PRP training for aesthetic and rejuvenative medical procedures. Our clinical specialists can visit your clinic for hands-on training with patients. Our in-clinic training courses cover PRP facials, PRP hair rejuvenation, PRP sexual rejuvenation, PRP breast rejuvenation, and PRP scar rejuvenation. You can also learn these procedures online and receive up to 6.75 hours of CME credits through an online CME-accredited course on cosmetic and aesthetic PRP procedures. Learn More >>

What are PRP Injections?

Platelets are small cells produced by megakaryocytes in our bone marrow – and they play a crucial role in the healing process of our bodies. [1] When administering PRP therapy the goal is to concentrate platelets from a patient’s own blood into a platelet-rich plasma. This platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into a targeted area of the patient’s body. PRP injections are currently being used in a wide variety of orthopedic, surgical, and aesthetic applications, including:

  • alopecia
  • scar revision
  • skin rejuvenation
  • tendinopathy
  • acute and chronic soft-tissue injuries
  • enhancement of healing after ligament reconstruction
  • muscle strains
  • knee osteoarthritis
  • wound healing
  • fat grafting

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Autologous PRP injections are a popular option because they use the patient’s own blood – so there is no risk of an immune rejection or disease transmission. [5] PRP injections are also very affordable compared to alternative forms of therapy, requiring only a variable speed centrifuge and a PRP kit – which provides all of the components needed to concentrate a patient’s platelets.

PRP injections and other forms of PRP therapy are becoming increasingly popularity across the world. Globally, the PRP market is expected to grow over 12% every year for the next decade! PRP also offers a high ROI for providers. Most clinics charge over $1,000 per PRP injection – which can take only minutes to perform.

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