PRP for Ovarian Rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and the bioactive proteins released after viable platelets are injected into degenerating or damaged tissues present an elegant combination of low risk with high potential for tissue regeneration. PRP therapy is being applied in the field of embryology to help patients hoping to extend the [...]

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DIY PRP Preparation

For nearly three decades, doctors have been observing the therapeutic effects of delivering a concentrated dose of autologous platelets to damaged tissues. Over the years, platelet rich plasma injections (PRP) have entered public consciousness and with increased demand, clinicians are looking for ways to provide quality PRP treatments that patients [...]

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Differences Between BMAC, ‘Amniotic Stem Cells’, and SVF

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were initially discovered in bone marrow by Friedenstein in 1976.¹ Stem cells are commonly found in bone marrow and can also be found in adipose tissue, cord blood, peripheral blood, fallopian tubes, fetal liver tissue and lung tissues.² Adult mesenchymal stem cells have multi-lineage differentiation and can transform into osteoblasts, [...]

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PRP Kit Comparison: Angel PRP vs. EmCyte Pure PRP

Platelet recovery and platelet viability are two of the most pertinent aspects to consider when choosing a platelet concentrating system. Orthopedic and aesthetic surgeons have utilized the regenerative benefits of platelet rich plasma (PRP) since the 90’s. PRP has continued to gain in popularity as clinical trials consistently find that [...]

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Ultrasound Guided PRP Injections versus Blind Injections

Growing interest in regenerative modalities has prompted physicians across the aesthetic and orthopedic spaces to offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections as a safe and minimally invasive alternative to surgery. Patients with knee osteoarthritis, for example, were shown to benefit from the deluge of growth factors released following a PRP [...]

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PRP for Hair Growth vs Topical Minoxidil 5%

Hair is an extension of personal expression, so it's no surprise that treating hair loss is a high priority for those affected by alopecia areata. PRP injections have emerged as a popular treatment option for all kinds of hair loss with no adverse side effects, but how does this therapy [...]

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PRP Kit Comparison: Regenkit vs. Emcyte Pure PRP

PRP Labs is an authorized distributor of EmCyte PRP Kits. Therefore, the contents of this page are an advertisement. We strive to be objective and transparent. The rising popularity of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments has given birth to several competing PRP kits. The efficacy of PRP [...]

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How do NSAIDs Affect Platelets in PRP?

There is significant debate in the field of orthobiologics regarding effective protocols for platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. PRP therapy has rapidly emerged as an effective regenerative therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, cosmetic tissue repair and a promising alternative to surgical intervention. At a cursory glance, the medical literature reveals [...]

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PRP Kit Comparison: Arteriocyte Magellan vs. EmCyte PurePRP

PRP Labs is an authorized distributor of EmCyte PRP Kits. Therefore, the contents of this page are an advertisement. We strive to be objective and transparent. Physicians looking to incorporate platelet rich plasma therapy into their practice are met with a wide variety of commercial options. Choosing [...]

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PRP Preparation: Single Spin v. Double Spin Centrifugation

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a modality which utilizes the innate healing potential of autologous platelets to treat a wide variety of aesthetic and musculoskeletal conditions. Hematologists first experimented with PRP therapy in the 1970’s to treat thrombocytopenia (low platelet count). Since, the practice of concentrating and reintroducing platelets [...]

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