Activated Platelet Rich Plasma Gel for Dry Socket

Dry socket is a painful post-operative condition that affects 25-30% of patients undergoing molar extraction. Dry socket or alveolar osteitis (AO) is characterized by severe, radiating pain which increases between the 1st and 3rd day after extraction. Without careful management, dry socket can lead to infection and jaw necrosis. Preventing dry socket is a [...]

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PRP Kit Comparison: Harvest PRP vs. EmCyte Pure PRP

PRP Labs is an authorized distributor of EmCyte PRP Kits. Therefore, the contents of this page are an advertisement. We strive to be objective and transparent. The increasing popularity of orthobiologics, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, has prompted physicians in many fields to incorporate [...]

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Platelet Rich Plasma with Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is a last resort for patients living with degenerative discs and painful spinal alignment issues. The procedure involves fusing loose vertebrae together by the insertion of a local bone graft and hardware. Ideally, the bone graft initiates biological processes which causes the vertebrae to grow together and stabilize the spine. Unfortunately, [...]

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Best Centrifuge for PRP Preparation

Preparing platelet rich plasma (PRP) from whole blood requires centrifugation to isolate and concentrate platelets. Centrifugation harnesses the principle of centrifugal force to speed up the natural sedimentation process. Practitioners who administer PRP with a significant concentration of viable platelets into damaged tissues see increased tissue regeneration and better outcomes. [...]

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PRP vs HA Injections for Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative, wear and tear, condition that affects about one in ten Americans. The condition dramatically decreases quality of life by making everyday activities such as walking, sitting, standing and laying difficult and painful. Growing elderly populations have increased interest in the search for effective hip osteoarthritis treatments. Hyaluronic acid [...]

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How to Activate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Activation is a crucial step in effective platelet rich plasma (PRP) protocols. Activation occurs after centrifugation and initiates the platelet degranulation process. Platelet degranulation releases bioactive proteins known as growth factors which increase cell mitosis, angiogenesis, chondrogenesis, and chemotaxis. Essentially, activated platelets initiate the healing cascade in damaged tissues. Some [...]

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The “O” Shot: PRP and Sexual Rejuvenation in Women

Sexual pleasure was inlaid by evolution to carry life forward through time, but sexual satisfaction can be enigmatic and difficult to achieve for many women. Successfully treating sexual distress can positively impact intimacy in relationships and psychological health. The “O” shot is a widely available PRP procedure for sexual rejuvenation [...]

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Platelet Rich Plasma for Achilles Tendinopathy

Chronic Achilles pain affects a disproportionate amount of former runners compared to the general population. Over half (52%) of former runners suffer with Achilles tendinopathy; stiffness, and pain at the Achilles tendon. Recent advances in imaging have revealed that Achilles pain lasting longer that 3 months is associated with a thickening of tendon tissue. [...]

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